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What is Surprise Piñata?

Surprise Piñata is a premium piñata gift delivery service. Our surprise piñatas come in a 12”x12”x4” shipping box with colorful confetti printed on the outside along with our logo. Inside, the piñata is nestled in fine shredded paper in a color that coordinates with selected piñata. We also carry a specialty piñata line for gender reveal parties, wedding piñatas, mini-piñatas and custom made prop piñatas.


How does it work?

  1. Sender chooses a Surprise Piñata design
  2. Select fillers
  3. Pick add ons (if desired)
  4. Include personalized note
  5. Choose shipping or local delivery
  6. Checkout 
  7. Receive confirmation email


What can Surprise Piñatas be used for other than gifts?

The options are ENDLESS!!!!! Here are a few ideas:

  • You can send a Surprise Piñata to parents or family members that don’t live in you same city announcing a pregnancy or gender reveal
  • Order a surprise piñata and put keys to a new car for a teenager or someone special
  • Use it as an announcement of a promotion, trip, concert, surprise, etc.!


What to expect?

To us, the experience of receiving a Surprise Piñata is as important as the gift itself. From our packaging to the personalized card, we really consider every detail of how the experience looks and feels.  We want recipients to feel the excitement of surprise opening a piñata and anticipation of what’s inside! The recipient of a Surprise Piñata will receive in the mail a beautifully handcrafted piñata filled with the items chosen from our add ons menu.


How big are the Piñatas? Are there different sizes?

Our piñatas range in size according to the selected line. Sizing is as follows:

  • Surprise Piñatas (used as gift delivery) are no larger than 11”x11”x4”. Depending on their design, exact measurements vary. Most Surprise piñatas can hold up to 2 lbs. of candy/fillers
  • Gender Reveal Piñatas are approximately 12”x18”x5” to 18”x24”x5”, varying on design.
  • Mini Favor Piñatas range between 5”x5”x2.5” to about 7”x7”x2.5” depending on design.
  • Prop piñatas vary in sizing but start at 15” tall.


What can I fill the piñata with?

Surprise Piñatas come with 1lb. of candy. We can also add tons of more fun stuff inside such as our Surprise Toy Package and snack packs. We also offer custom fillers that can range from gift cards, small toys, t-shirts, or even your OWN filler! We’re open to any ideas, just email us!

We also offer chocolate covered Oreo jars and cupcake jars that can be packed outside of the piñata in the Surprise Piñata box! We’ll soon be offering other items such as tutus, tiaras, super hero capes, masks, and other fun add ons!

Gender Reveal Piñatas come with 1 bag of blue confetti and 1 bag of pink confetti!! If you want us to fill it, we’d be happy to! Just let us know in the ADDITIONAL DETAILS portion at checkout.

Mini piñatas come empty. However, we can work with your custom order and come up with ideas of what to fill them with!


What size are the candies and chocolates in the pinatas?

All candies and chocolates are fun sized and mini sized. 


Can I place a custom order?

YES! We are happy to design and make a custom piñata! We offer custom designs for Surprise Piñatas (gift delivery size) for an additional $25.00.

Gender Reveal Piñatas can also be custom made. Pricing varies according to final design and size.

Mini piñatas are all custom made and have a minimum order of 10. Pricing on mini piñatas vary on design.

Custom orders require at least a 2 week lead time. Contact as soon you are ready so we can help you with a quote! Email us with any questions!


Do you make Themed Piñatas for Birthday parties?

We are a custom gift delivery and specialty piñata shop. Unfortunately we do not make themed piñatas for birthday parties. We do offer custom mini piñatas that would make AWESOME party favors!


What are the shipping/delivery options?

We have two shipping/delivery options at Surprise Piñata.

  1. If you live locally in Miami, FL. We can hand deliver you surprise piñata for $10.00
  2. We also ship via USPS Priority Mail across the United States. Once order is shipped, we will send you a tracking number for your piñata. This service usually arrives in 2-3 days depending on destination. We DO NOT guarantee an arrival date.


How long after I place my order will the piñata be shipped/delivered?

Most local Surprise Piñata delivery orders can be delivered next business day if placed before 4pm. If we do not have a piñata in stock, we can estimate soonest delivery.

Shipped orders will be sent out next business day. We CANNOT guarantee an arrival date. USPS Priority Mail is estimated to arrive in 2-3 business days.

Custom orders will have individualized estimated arrival dates once orders are finalized.

 If you have a specific local delivery date that is different from next business day, please note it in the SPECIAL INSTRUCTIONS FOR SELLER portion at checkout.



Once you’ve ordered your Surprise Piñata, if you decide you want to cancel we’d be happy to! As long as the piñata hasn’t been shipped out or out for delivery.

Custom piñata orders CANNOT be cancelled. Our piñatas are handmade and require lots of preparation…